This blog has been setup to let everyone know what is happening with Jaren. We hope it will be helpful in getting the information out to all who wish to know what is happening and to those who desire to pray for Jaren.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ten day Report

Sunday 29 March 2009
Its been 10 days since Jaren came home and he seems to be doing great. He is gaining weight and sleeping as he should be. His big sister (she'll be 3 in June) is adjusting to having someone take up her mother's time instead of her. All in all things are great,prayers have been answered and we all feel blessed by the Savior.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home at last

Yes we are finally home, it is so nice to not be in a hospital. Karis got to meet her little brother for the first time today and she was so excited. Jaren is now a month and 1 day old and is doing great. I was worried we would have to stay the weekend, because Jarens white blood cell count was a little high, and that has been what kept us up there, twice this week, I got the truck loaded to come home and then was told we would be staying one more day, so when I got the report that Jarens count was still up I thought we might have to stay the weekend, I was so happy when our doctor told us he could now come home. What is even better is one of the nurses that works at Childrens Mercy in KC lives about 3 miles from our house, and she told us that if we have any questions or concerns she would come and check on our son or give us help if we need it, what a comfort that is. I know the Lord has had his hand in this miracle all the way from the beginning, all the way to make sure there is help near by if needed, I know Jaren is a special little boy that will do great things in his life, He has such a wonderful spirit about him that has changed peoples lives for the better all around the world and he is only a month old, I am so honored to be the father of such a son. I can't wait to see the things he will do with his life, He has influenced me to be a better person, a better husband, and a better father. Karis is the same way, I in no way deserve the wonderful children that have been placed in my life, my little family is the greatest blessing I have ever recived.

Sing with me now! ( what ever tune you wish )

We're coming home!, We're coming home!, We're coming home!, We're coming home!, We're coming home!, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patties Day!!!!

Jarens rash is gone, the doctors have decided it was caused by an allergic reaction to vaincamicine (I think I spelled it right), or his last dose of antibiotics. Tonight we will be staying in the hospital with Jaren again. they are still pretty adamant we'll go home on Thursday and not before. (I've tried bribing the nurses to help us get out early but no one is taking my offer) he will still be on monitors until we go home. He is still doing great and eating well too.
We won't be able to use cell phones in the room so if you would like to chat, write a comment on the blog, or, I check them both often. thank you

Monday, March 16, 2009

Maybe Thursday

Our Nurse Practitioner says hopefully Jaren will be released on Thursday. He is doing great now, but because he was doing so well last time and got so sick so fast, the hospital wants to watch him a couple more days to make sure he doesn't have a repeat. I offered to slip $50.00 to any one that would let us go on Tuesday, but I just can't get anyone to go for it, I was told this is Kansas City, it would take more than that, so I offered $50.00 and a big bag of M&M's; I think I'm wearing them down. ( ha! ha!)
Jaren is still gaining weight and still eating good. The doctors have removed his IV's and feeding tube, all he has on is monitering wires, and hopefully they will come off soon too.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

News worthy of a party

Jaren just ate another 95ml ( I guess ml and cc are the same ) and that is just awesome! He has also been gaining weight. I am not sure what his weight is at the moment but he is looking a bit chubbier which is a joyful thing to see.
I have been asked a lot about how Mindy is holding up with all of this; she is doing very well, so well in fact she asked if I would go back to work so she could have some alone time, maybe I am such a supportive husband I just do too much, or I am just flipping annoying. Well all kidding aside we have both been pretty up beat though out this whole thing, biting off our nails by day, and heckling the nurses by night, I think Mindy has even booked some catalog shows with a couple of the nurses. I am just excited that it looks as if we will be coming home real soon and I just can't wait to be home and have both my children and my wife together in the same building.


Jaren just hit an all time feeding record of 95cc. The last record was 70 right before he got sick.
The doctors have determined the rash was caused by an allergic reaction to his antibiotics, and they have stopped all intro venial feedings because he is eating so well, they still want to watch him a few more days, we are still not sure how long, I am guessing Wed. or Thurs., but that is still speculation, they are still waiting on some previous cultures taken on his blood to rule out all possible infections.
I am just happy to see my son eating again and not in so much agony, I will report more as I hear it, and would like to apologize for a previous report when I thought no one was reading the blog, We are so blessed to have so many friends in our lives and I guess when I didn't see any comments for a while I assumed wrong and again I am sorry, Brent